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I've had a look at the file modes.mf in


This file contains the following:-

% From {\tt cudat@cu.warwick.ac.uk}.
mode_def agfafzz =                  %\[ AGFA 400PS (406dpi)
  mode_param (pixels_per_inch, 406);
  mode_param (blacker, .2);
  mode_param (fillin, 0);
  mode_param (o_correction, .6);
AgfaFourZeroZero := agfafzz;

I sent this in some years ago and the electronic mail address given
no longer works.  Last week I had a message from someone who wanted
some information about this mode and printer.

Would it be possible for the electronic mail address to be changed
from  cudat@cu.warwick.ac.uk  to  J.Hicks@warwick.ac.uk ?

Also, I wonder whether it would be useful to include the date of
submission as well as the electronic mail address of the submitter
in future submissions.

I hope you find these remarks constructive.

Jim Hicks, Information Technology Services,
Warwick University, Coventry, England. CV4 7AL
Fax: +44 12O3 523267