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Re: texinfo language command?

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999 17:55:40 -0500 (EST), Karl Berry wrote:

>Is there any freely available font for TeX with the euro symbol,

In Type1 format there are, e.g., the "Adobe Euro" fonts; see
This is a self-extracting zip archive for DOS/Win, which can be 
unpacked by Info-Zip's unzip, too.

A LaTeX package supporting these fonts is "eurosans.sty", 
see the CTAN directory macros/latex/supported/eurosans .

The Adobe fonts are free, they contain the official version of 
the Euro symbol, and they provide boldface and/or italic variants, 
too, so I really consider them as the "canonical" Type1 

In Metafont format there are, e.g., the "eurosym" fonts (created by 
Henrik Theiling), see the CTAN directory fonts/eurosym; they come 
with a suitable LaTeX package.

>I noticed the eurofont package on ctan but it seems to only use Adobe's

AFAIK the eurofont package supports all known fonts with Euro symbols;  
a configuration file controls which one is to be used with a certain 
font family. 

> ... and/or
>other currency symbols such as yen, florin, etc etc?

Many currency symbols are part of the TS1 encoding, which is fully 
implemented in the EC, EC Concrete and EC Bright fonts.




>Thanks for any clues,

Thanky for any clues about the "subject" line of your message 
(texinfo ...  ;-) 

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