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Re: Question re. latex fonts for Microsoft Office applications

At 12:29 AM 8/23/1999 +0200, Johannes Dengler wrote:

>I am working on my phd thesis, using Latex for typesetting and Microsoft
>Powerpoint for exhibits.  Thus far, I have used the Latex standard fonts 
>for text and
>tables, and Helvetica in Powerpoint.
>How can I use Latex fonts in Powerpoint as well, i.e. is there an Adobe
>True Type or Type 1 conversion for these fonts available?

Type 1 versions of the CM and AMS and extra LaTeX fonts were made available
by a Consortium including AMS, BSR, Y&Y, SIAM etc.  See

These can be used with any Windows or Mac application.
You will want ATM (Adobe Type Manager).
Recently Adobe made ATM 4.0 Lite for various platform on CD
for very much less than ATM Deluxe (although right now I
can't find it on their site - but I did order and receive a copy).

Conversely, you can of course use Type 1 fonts with TeX systems,
although some older ones do make it remarkably painful.
So it works both ways.

Also, with some TeX Systems :-) you can transfer TeX typeset
material to PowerPoint and paste them into PowerPoint pages.

Regards, Berthold Horn, Y&Y, Inc.