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Re: question about adobe Cyrillic fonts.

> Hello,
> the file adobe.map recommends names font names with `z' encoding for
> adobe Cyrillic fonts, e.g. it contains a line:

> pttrz     TimesTenCyr-Upright               A    354    ttyu____

> (there are 21 such lines for Cyrillic fonts in adobe.map). but
> actually, the encoding in those fonts matches the windows encoding,
> which has a name `6w'. So, should the adobe.map be corrected?
> (pttrz -> pttr6w, etc).

Probably, yes.  

Since I know nothing about Cyrillic encodings, I simply picked `z' 
as the most generic codes for Cyrillic from variant.map (same for
Greek encodings).  If you know better, you're welcome to correct me.

BTW:  If you're doing an update, don't forget about similar cases
in monotype.map and linotype{,-cd}.map.

Cheers, Ulrik.