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Re: TrueType & Fontname

   I would just say that the one exception to the "equal metrics for
   corresponding Type 1 and TrueType fonts" is the "non-linear
   scaling" idea once much touted as an advantage for TrueType and
   hyped up as equivalent to "optical scaling".  Fortunately this bad
   idea seems to have died out, since it will cause reflow whenever
   you change the screen resolution (since the character widths are
   adjusted to suite the ppem!).

Well, at least the FreeType rastering engine offers both non-linearly
scaled metrics (as automatically given if hinting is activated) for
display on screens and linearly scaled metrics for typesetting
purposes.  I doubt that the problem of non-linear scaling is relevant
for TeX issues at all, since most printers work at resolutions where
hinting is deactivated resp. without influence.