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Correction to adobe.map

adobe.map v2.7 gives the following info for AJenson (#914)

@c        "Touch of Classics 3"             A    914
pajrd8a   AJenson-RegularDisplay            A    914    jsds____
pajri8a   AJenson-Italic                    A    914    jsi_____
pajr8a    AJenson-Regular                   A    914    jsrc____
pajs8a    AJenson-Semibold                  A    914    jssb____
pajrc8a   AJenson-RegularSC                 A    914    jssc____

I believe the Adobe DOS name of AJenson-Regular is listed incorrectly as
jsrc____. The proper designation is in fact jsrg____.

Thank you.

Anshuman Pandey