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Re: bug in pplrc8t

Walter Schmidt wrote:
>On Sun, 17 Oct 1999 22:03:20 GMT, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>>The Palatino Small Caps virtual font file `pplrc8t.vf', as
>>from CTAN (dated 1998-Jul-07), misses the macron accent.  And this is
>>apparently true for other Adobe small caps fonts also.
>>Is this a known bug?
>Ooops, I have never noticed this!
>The problems seems to be due to fontinst;
>the macron is also lacking from non-Adobe
>sc fonts, which I have made myself (rather than
>taken from CTAN.)

After some browsing of files, I think I can say that the error lies in
latin.mtx. The encoding expects the glyph for the macron accent to be named
Macronsmall in this context, and latin.mtx never says
although it says for example
Therefore, since the glyph is never set, it will just be ignored when the
VPL is written.

Lars Hellström