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Re: RFC: remove 1-1 kerning from Adobe Palatino?

> In summary, kerned digits do not appear to be uncommon (note the
> Monotype results), so their existence needs to be accepted.
> I too am inclined to suggest that the digit kerning should be dropped
> when they are accessed via TeX virtual fonts, but others may wish to
> debate the issue.

Given that kerned numbers may improve the appearance of text 
(pace those who feel that lining numerals should never be used in 
text anyway) might it be better to introduce a letter indicating the 
presence of non-tabulating numerals along the lines currently used 
for non-lining (oldstyle) numerals? To reduce the number of 
unpleasant surprises the default had better be tabulating, as Walter 
Schmidt proposes.

For the future I imagine the LaTeX authors could devise some 
method of ensuring that tabulating numerals were switched on and 
off within appropriate envronments and those of us who generally 
prefer "plain" could adopt similar measures if we chose.

Bernard Treves Brown

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