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Re: afm's for Monotype TimesNewRomanPSMT

> What is the canonical Karl Berry style name for 
> Monotype TimesNewRomanPSMT ?

> monotype.map says:

>   mntr8a    TimesNRMT
>   mnsr8a    TimesNewRomanPS

> These entries obviously refer to other font families (?).

Not sure about that.  I would guess that "TimesNewRomanPS",
"TimesNRPS", and "TimesNewRomanPSMT" amight actually refer 
to the same family (mns), despite the inconsisten names.
Similarly "TimesNRMT" and "TimesNewRomanMT" are probably 
the same (mnt).  Sure, that's confusing, but that's life.

Cheers, Ulrik.