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possibly "false" pi fonts in bitstrea.map


Ulrich Mueller <ulm@kph.uni-mainz.de> reported that the fonts bpi006
in bitstrea.map,

bpi006    SnowCapBT-Regular                 BT  1237    ________

is not really a PI font, but is an "ordinary" text font, so this entry
was replaced by

bwcr8a    SnowCapBT-Regular                 BT  1237    ________

He also mentions that "there are four fonts in bitstrea.map where I am
not sure if it is correct to assign them as pi fonts ("Sonic" is one
of them):"

bpi005    Formal436BT-Regular               BT  1141    frml436n
bpi007    SprocketDeluxeBT-Regular          BT  1243    ________
bpi008    SprocketBT-Regular                BT  1244    ________
bpi009    SonicCutThruBT-Heavy              BT  9832    ________

Cold someone who submitted these entries to bitstrea.map, or who owns
these fonts please verify whether these are really PI fonts?

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.