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Re: Succeeded (Re: Newbie question)

Florian-Daniel Otel writes:
 > 1) Is it possible to automate the fontinst process (i.e. as part of a shell
 > script) for several families ?. Again, i have a 'fontinst' script but
 > i cannot figure if/how to use it part of a shell script

Alan Hoenig has put some nice packages on CTAN for this (look for
vfinst), or CTAN:fonts/psfonts/tools has some tools I wrote in Perl
which you may be able to disentangle. Its been some years since I
looked at them.

 > 2) As i asked in my original mail, is there a tool (i.e. other than
 > fontinst)  to create the font descripiton files (.fd) ?

Not that I am aware of