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Re: Italic Small Caps

"M.E. O'Neill" a écrit :
> I was recently looking at some old metrics and FD files made by an
> ancient version of fontinst (1.335), and saw that they included italic
> small-caps (which were actually faked).

this reminds me something...

>    - Which should it be, `itsc' or `scit'?

whatever you want, as there are no standards at all. I heard that Alan
Hoenig used `si'. If you have my minion metrics, you probably also have
minion.sty where i say \let\scit\itsc, proving that i can't rememebr
myself which i choosed...

>    - Why doesn't \latinfamily make italic small-caps metrics?

It could probably. The rationale would be to first try the actual thing
(needs a standard kb name); then by italising the sc in the sc font, hen
by faking it totally. 

But, as it's out of nfss' scope (as are EC scsl fonts), probably noone
will want to do that...

Daniel Taupin found a workaround for \textsc{\emph{...}} by making small
caps a family rather than a shape. People from the latex team said once
that the proper `fix' would be to add a new nfss axis called `case'
(making us rid of MakeUppercase troubles, etc.) but this was never
implemented, afaik.


PS When using a MM font with design size axis, you're far away from
anything latinfamily can handle anyway (a typical font name would be
pmnrci7d12.afm !)