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Re: track kerning


This must a very old, or a very unusual font.
These days most fonts give kerning pairs instead.
"Track kerning" is a poor approximation that
allows one to tune the space some text takes,

Regards, Berthold.

At 19:26 2000-06-06 +0200, Walter Schmidt wrote:

apologizing that my question is a bit off-topic -- it is not
special for TeX.

I found the following piece of information in an afm file:

StartTrackKern 3
TrackKern -1 6 0.10 144 -2.09
TrackKern -2 6 0.05 144 -4.02
TrackKern -3 6 0.00 144 -5.96

I know that this means, that letterspacing should vary with
font size.  However, what does this mean _quantitatively_?
How do I have to read this information?



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