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PSNFSS -- dvips -- cannot generate *.360pk

Dear Tex-fonts expert:

I tried to use PSNFSS fonts adobe times ...After I latex my documents and
get dvi file...I reied to print the file using dvips program.
By the way, I/m not the system administrator in the lab and the current
version of dvips program available here is dvips 5.516, 1993. 
I looked through CTAN and other TeX distributions that the following fonts
are not available ptmr7t.360pk. I had ptmr7t.tfm and ptmr7t.vf

How can I work out the problem since I can't get a hardcopy of my latex
document..Does it have anything to do with the version of the dvips
program, should I upgrade it through the system administrator .. or is
there any other way ??

Please help...Thank you for the time and attention

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