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Re: partial downloading with dvips

[About problems with partial downloading of the Norasi PS fonts with

> I believe the problem may be that true Adobe PS interpreters used in
> some popular Apple printers made during a certain period cannot
> handle more than two elements in the StemSnapH and StemSnapV lists.
> This font has:
> /StemSnapH [ 19 21 28 33 52 ] ND
> /StemSnapV [ 17 18 19 36 39 45 52 129 212 ] ND
> There is code one can add to test for printers of this type and then
> use shortened lists, but this font does not use this (tedious)
> refinement (there are other problems with this font such as many
> reversed contours, and truly chaotic "auto-hinting", but that should
> not affect the printer or DVIPS except in quality of output).

The reason of failure is indeed a bug in Thanh's writet1.c module,
used by both pdfTeX and dvips.  He writes:

  This is a known problem with fonts where the encoding vector is not
  ended with `readonly def' but only `def'.

[He also sent me a new version of writet1.c which is hopefully in the
next teTeX beta.]

For the moment, I will add `readonly' to all encoding vectors in the
Norasi fonts.  Virach, Theppitak, Surapant, please fix this for the
sake of backwards compatibility.