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What if

Got a question for you. It'll take less than 60 seconds of your time.

What if an extraterrestrial intelligence began transmitting cryptic
messages to Earth in the form of symbols, sounds and shapes? Would
anyone understand those messages?  Would we comprehend those shapes
and symbols?

What if one of the SETI Sysops captured the messages and posted them
onto the Web?

Should we respond?  How should we respond?  What do we say? Perhaps
we should discuss these messages first before responding.

What would happen then?  Could we engage the aliens in a

That's what John de Lancie, the Julliard-trained actor known to fans
worldwide as "Q" in the Star Trek television series, and we at
zapwerk were kicking around.  We at zapwerk are looking for a way to
demonstrate siteyard, our real-time, live, knowledge management
software, and Mr. de Lancie has agreed to help.

If you are interested, click the URL below.


No further transmissions will follow.