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Re: wanted: TC.enc

At 14.28 +0200 2000-09-19, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>I'm searching for a PostScript encoding vector (.enc file)
>for the textcompanion encoding.  Can you, please, help me?
>I could try to write it from scratch, but that's certainly
>error-prone, and I'd rather ask you experts first ;-)

If you has v1.911 or newer (i.e., in practice v1.914) of fontinst you can
make one by running tex on the following command file:

\input finstmsc.sty

(ts1.etx wasn't written with this in mind, so there's a \setint in it that
assumes that the italicslant integer is set. The \offcommand only prevents
TeX from complaining about this by turning off \setint.)

Lars Hellström