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Re: Helvetic font

On Sun, 08 Oct 2000 23:40:54 -0700, Christian Lang wrote:

>I downloaded the ps-font. 

You need not download Helvetica for using it with TeX.
When Helvetica is used in PostScript and PDF files, 
the PostScript or PDF interpreter will provide the font.

Helvetica can be used in LaTeX by just saying 


See the documentation of the "PSNFSS" bundle.

>I'm using the miktex with the yap viewer. Now
>my problem is, that yap does not accept the new font.

Helvetica is a Type1 (PostScript) font.  Generally, you 
have to convert your dvi file to PostScript (using dvips) 
and use GSView as the previewer, if there are any PostScript
elements (fonts, graphics) in it.  

Try using the helvet package (as indicated above), then 
run the dvi file through dvips and open the PostScript file 
using  GSView.  This should work with any TeX system 
"out of the box" (otherwise, it's crap).

As to using YAP, certain DVI previewing programs can indeed
display Type1 fonts by making bitmap fonts out of them. 

>ps2pk -v -X720 -e TeXBase1Encoding NimbusSanL-Regu phvr8r.pk
>PSRESOURCEPATH := C:\texmf\miktex\config;C:\localtexmf\miktex\config
>Resource <C:\texmf\fonts\type1\urw\helvetic\uhvr8a.pfb>
>No FontAFM resource found for NimbusSanL-Regu

This sounds as if your MikTeX tries exactly this way.
However, it does not find the real Type1 fonts.  Apparently
there is something wrong with the configuration.  Ask the 
MikTeX documentation, how to configure YAP so that it will 
find the Helvetica fonts; they should be available on your
PC -- at least -- as part of Ghostscript; maybe they are 
included once more with the MikTeX distribution.  (Actually, 
GS and/or MikTeX come with NimbusSans, which is a kind of 
Helvetica "clone".) 

>Anyway, where do I
>get information about installing a new font ? 

Font, that are prepared for use with TeX, should come
with the instructions where to install the files in the
TeX system.  (See the URL in my signature :-)

Your TeX system may provide additional instructions how 
to configure the particular programs (dvips, YAP) so as 
to actually use the new fonts.  (However, Helvetica should 
be available without configuring anything first.)



Walter Schmidt
Schornbaumstrasse 2,  91052 Erlangen,  Germany