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Re: openType

» then decides to replace some characters with other characters after TeX
» has done the typesetting. 

that's the pb, yes. On the other hand, OT is relatively compact
(1 file...)  where tex will demand tons of VFs/TFMs to give access to
all the glyphs _and_ implement tags through font changes (or we should
use omega and ligatures for tagging? as did Sivan Toledo for some
large glyph sets like linotype Palatino).

» (3) You don't need OT to use fonts with Unicode.  

Sure. You need omega for full ligaure/kerning support, and pdftex for
TTF outlines...
i'm more interested in OT "Pro" fonts that definitely add something to
the type 1 versions (sometimes, only crossfonts kerns, but often more
glyph variants).

» It helps to remember that OT was designed in large part to kill GX

I thought GX had killed itself without any exterior help;-)
Adobe has killed MM in a kind of suicide...
Thierry Bouche
  « Ils vivent pour vivre, et nous, hélas ! nous vivons pour savoir. »
				Charles Baudelaire, Paris.