TUG 2003 election results

From Arthur Ogawa for the TUG Election Committee:

Nominations for TUG President and Directors in 2003 have been received and validated. Because there is a single nomination for the office of President and because there are fewer nominations for Board of Directors than there are open seats, there will be no requirement for a ballot this election.

Therefore the following can be considered as officers elect for 2003:

President (2003-2005):
Karl Berry
Directors (2003-2007):
Barbara Beeton
Cheryl Ponchin
Kaja Christiansen
Phil Taylor
Ross Moore
Samuel Rhoads
Stephanie Hogue
Sue DeMeritt

(Arthur Ogawa and Mike Sofka are continuing board members, whose terms expire in 2005.)

The Committee acknowledges the diligent work of our office manager, Robin Laakso, in receiving, organizing, and validating membership of nominees and their respective nominators.

The abovementioned with one exception are currently TUG officers or directors. Please allow me to be the first to thank them for generously continuing to devote their time and efforts on behalf of the members of the TeX Users Group.

I would also like to welcome Samuel Rhoads as a new Director of TUG and to extend to him my best wishes for his tenure.

The candidates' biographies and personal statements are available online now. They will be printed in the first regular issue of TUGboat volume 23 (for 2002).