Behaviour of \latinfamily

Sebastian Rahtz
Tue, 26 May 1998 11:14:28 +0100

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 > BTW, my recently hacked version of fontinst continues to do the
 > following if no 8a-encoded AFM file was found:
 > * it checks if pckm8r.afm (sic!) exists, then
 > * if checks if pckm8r.mtx exists, else
 > * it directly calls
 >   \installrawfont{pckm8r}{pckm8r,8r}{8r}{8r}{pck}{m}{n}{}

before you start looking for this version, it isn't on CTAN yet. I'm
planning an upload of a slightly revised fontinst (Ulrik's changes
above, plus explicit allowance for "medium" AND "roman" variants), and
revised famtool and friends. Anyone running web2c 7.2 will have
noticed that they don't work at present :-}