Behaviour of \latinfamily

Ulrik Vieth
Fri, 29 May 1998 13:52:02 +0200

Sebastian writes:

> Rebecca and Rowland writes:
>> FNNWc8a.afm in the first place.  AFM files in this form full of
>> `normal' glyph names, rather than stuff like `Asmall' etc., which
>> is why a different etx file is used for `real' and `faked' sc
>> founts.  Is that right?

> unless i am going mad, XXXXc8a files with small caps wont be used by
> fontinst. its a sort of bug.

I think they _are_ used, as they should, if they are named correctly.

Incidently, this leads to a little problem, if you want to prepare
font metrics for CTAN, consisting of a basic and an expert package.

Consider the example of Adobe Garamond, in which case the basic
package consists of 6 fonts (roman and italic in regular, semibold,
and bold).  If you only have the basic package, fontinst should 
only use these fonts, and it will build faked small caps.

If you add the expert set, you not only add 6 expert fonts (8x), 
but also 2 SC and 4 OsF fonts.  Since the oldstyle digits are taken
from the expert fonts, anyway, the OsF fonts may be ignored, but the
SC fonts will be used.

The problem is that \latinfamily will try to use whatever it finds.  
If you have installed the SC fonts, fontinst will create a set of 
font metrics for the basic set which depend on the SC fonts from 
the expert set.  If you don't install them, or hide them from view,
fontinst won't use them, not even for the expertized fonts.

A dilemma?

Cheers, Ulrik.