Fontinst modifications

Lars Hellström
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 16:25:30 +0200 (MET DST)

Rowland wrote:
>At 7:50 pm +0200 2/6/98, Lars Hellström wrote:
>[snip all the clever stuff that I don't understand]
>> Of course, this makes
>>them sensible to changes in fontinst itself (rekern works with v1.504, but
>>not with v1.335, for example).
>This is the second time I've met references to fontinst v1.5; Alan very
>kindly emailled me the documentation for it.  But am I puzzled: where is
>it?  The most recent official version of fontinst I can find on CTAN is
>1.335.  Is v1.504 an official version, and if so, where is it kept?  Or is
>it being kept hidden for some particular reason?

I believe it is available in the fontinst directory at,
but it was a while since I looked there so I'm not sure (neither am I quite
sure the computer name is completely accurate, but there should be a link
to it somewhere on or below Alan's homepage). As far as I understand it,
v1.504 is an alpha release (and has been so for some two years now), which
is why it was never uploaded to CTAN. (Exception: There used to be a v1.504
fontinst in the CTAN:fonts/psfonts/ hierarchy, but that seems to have been
replaced by the unofficial v1.7.) That seems to be why the fontinst in the
logical location in CTAN is still v1.335.

I hope this answers your question.