Fontinst modifications

Sebastian Rahtz
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 11:05:30 +0100

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 > OK, I'll try to finish what I have been working on, and make it v1.8.
 > As for Lar's additions, they can go into v1.800, v1.801, v1.802, etc.
 > Once you have it all in .dtx format, you can easily add everybody's 
 > favorite hacks enclosed in docstrip modules
agreed, then. work towards 1.8, which will be a dtxed version of
1.6/1.7, reintegrated with the docs. Then Lars can have a framework
to work on

 > If you're talking about the 1.335 docs, they certainly need revising,
 > but I don't think they are completely obsolete.  The examples using
 > "0" encoded fonts instead of "8a" are clearly misleading and should be
 > replaced, but the summary of docstrip commands presumably can be kept
 > with just minor touching up.
do you have time even for this, though?

 > Anyway, I thought that working on the docs was Rowland's job.
I thought Rowland was working on a *new* doc, not a revision of the
current guide....