Fontinst modifications

Thierry Bouche
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 19:13:16 +0200 (MET DST)

 As for how it works, I'm a little surprised now.  It apperars that
 \parse_family does a \setcomand\digit##1{##1oldstyle} and strips
 the '9' or 'j' from the \font_variant and \raw_variant.  However,
 it doesn't add it to the encoding shape, so you end up using the
 default T1.etx rather than T1j.etx.

ah, that's why TIj missed, then. I had to make mine because i don't
use \latinfamily...
 What are all these files, in particular T1a, T1aa, T1aw and T1aaw,

these are private hacks in order to get alternate glyphs/ligs (ACaslon
was the reason) a-> alternate, w -> swash T1aaw does something like
automating swash initials via <boundarychar><cap> ligs.

 and where are they to be found?

nowhere should be the safest place!