Fontinst modifications

Rebecca and Rowland
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 23:59:35 +0100

At 9:48 am -0500 4/6/98, Alan Jeffrey wrote:
>Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
>> Can anyone point me at the fontinst 1.509 documentation source?
>I updated this file today...

Right - thanks.

Erm.   Well, I suggest I do a quick modification of the source code for
this version of the documentation, modify it so you don't need PS founts
(maybe keeping the PS stuff as an option - the front page pikky is quite
nice), add a few bits that seem useful (I was thinking of just cutting and
pasting from the documentation I'm writing) and upload the result to CTAN.

I suggest this as the destination for the first version:


Sine Ulrik is interested in the documentation too, and given that I've
already written quite a lot, I suspect it makes most sense for now for me
to add bits and Ulrik send any modifications he thinks are sensible to me
to include.

Any thoughts, anyone?