fontinst with 8y.etx

Hilmar Schlegel Hilmar Schlegel <>
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 22:32:05 -0400

Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
> At 4:11 pm +0200 11/6/98, Thierry Bouche wrote:
> >I'm trying to generalize the audience of this debate.
> [snip] snip snip snip

> >Well, does there exist something working proprely on unices, macoses &
> >windowses95-99/Nt?

I'd like this idea - if there is really a definitive solution for
definitive problem cases. The question would be then that there are
different targets:
- making given standard fonts work in the most easy way without special
features but a certain degree of reliability with respect to bugs in the
various Acrobat Readers for different platforms as well as versions -
this applies to Distiller as well.
- using platform fonts without virtual fonts to avoid fighting platform
restrictions and take them as given.

> >Doesn't that whole question seem surrealistic to you, talking of some
> >_portable_ doc format???!!
> >From what I gather, reading various posts here and there about Acrobat
> Reader, different versions of the reader for different platforms develop
> apparently arbitrary bugs which then disappear in a later version.  I think

Sometimes they become simply different instead to disappear...

> some people have suggested that the bug level is constant, and there's no
> one solution that deals with all the bugs.

I think with the flexibility of VFs and fontinst there should be a way.

> >but y&y doesn't put its ton of LY1 TFMs on CTAN, and they don't
> >conform to karl berry names?
> I suspect Y&Y would be happy to have its LY1 tfms on CTAN if you asked; as
> it is, Y&Y has made a full set of LY1 tfms available on its own web server.

The problem is that with fontinst the given TFMs can cause difficulties
- possibly there is a way via TFtoPL but the rounding discrepancy

> True, the names aren't `fontname' compliant (horrid phrase), but is this
> such a bad thing?

It should be an easy exercise to rename them.....

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