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Hilmar Schlegel Hilmar Schlegel <>
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 20:28:30 -0400

Melissa O'Neill wrote:
> Berthold K.P. Horn writes:
> > PDFEncoding is another possibility, except that it does not provide
> > access to ff-ligatures and dotlessj, fraction, sfthyphen, nbspace...
> More to the point, if you aren't going to have an encoding just to the
> standard 228 glyphs in a PostScript font, which extra ones do you add.
> I currently set text in my own custom encoding which I call PDF+, which
> adds
>   dotlessj onefitted colonmonetary rupiah figuredash threequartersemdash
>   ffi ffl ff onedotenleader twodotenleader onethird twothirds
> to the standard 228, but other people might wish to make different
> choices. And there are plenty of extra glyphs to choose from -- Adobe
> Courier contains 260 glyphs, the extra ones being:

It is dangerous to rely on these since even the "original Adobe" PS
interpreter in the HP-LJ has a version of Courier resident which does
*not* have this extended character set. The question is then what
happens if the PDF-reader assumes Courier is a resident font...

> So it becomes very easy to show that it's just not possible to have an
> encoding that covers every glyph in every slightly non-standard text
> font.

Well, the idea was what is the useful collection for Tex (Cork as one
remarkable example ;-)

Hilmar Schlegel

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