New user question: 8r and 8y

Sebastian Rahtz
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 09:59:34 +0100

Rebecca and Rowland writes:
 > I'd rather use 8r because it wasn't developed commercially (I have a
 > distrust of commercially-developed stuff like this.  Mind you, having
 > conversed with the loons on the fontinst mailing list, I don't think 8r has
 > a particularly sensible parentage.)

I always try to take the trouble to reply to things like this. Can I
remind you that while Y&Y is a commercial company, Berthold Horn has
always been very good at both working with the `free' community, and
allowing/encouraging use of what Y&Y produces. I remind you also that
Y&Y have commissioned  packages and then made them freely available.

8y is NOT "commercially-developed" in any meaningful sense. It was
simply Berthold's pragmatic work somewhat parallel to, or earlier
than, 8r.

If you read 8r.enc, you'll see that Berthold Horn is listed as one of
the authors!