fontinst-1.8 pre-release

Ulrik Vieth
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:26:37 +0200

After yet another week of occasional hacking, the ne fontinst-1.8 is
hopefully ready for release, although I'm not sure how it should be
arranged for placing it on CTAN.  Those of you, who want to give it
a try can find it at:

Notable changes:

* ts1.etx and textcomp.mtx were revised again, adding some glyph
  faking and some fixing some bugs for monowidth fonts.

* contrib/rowland now cotains a touched-up version of Rowland's 
  rewrite of the manual.  (Sorry that it took me so long.)

* examples/mathptm was added, revised, and modified considerably.  
  Apart from minor changes needed to reflect changes of glyph names
  in ot1.etx and oml.etx, the OML font of mathptm now uses psyro
  instead of psyr (for an oblique Greek alphabet) and the OMS
  version is built using RSFS instead of Zapf Chancery (sine the
  former is now freely available in PFB format while the latter 
  is a built-in font in PS printers but not in Acrobat raders).  
  These changes might controversial and I'm not sure if it's really 
  a good idea in view of backwards compatibility.

* examples/eurofont contains an example how to built a TS1 fonts
  combining the Adobe Euro fonts with Times, Helvetica and Courier.
* test/testsc contains an example how to built small caps fonts
  using glyphs from normal and expert fonts, but kerning info from
  real small caps fonts (as suggested by Thierry).  Although it 
  is possible, it wouldn't be easy integrate it into \latinfamily
  since the default latin.mtx needs considerable changing to
  prevent it from inappropriate faking of left/right kerning.
  (see new files glyphoff.mtx, glyphon.mtx and latinsc.mtx)

That should be all.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S.  As for bringing Sebastian's fonts/psfonts/tools up-to-date,
all it takes is copying fontinst-1.8/inputs/{*/* to tools/finst 
and remove two lines from which are responsible for
putting the \textcompfamily call into the temporary Famxxx.tex.