fontinst-1.8 release

Ulrik Vieth
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 11:11:32 +0200

Hi all,

after recieving various minor bug reports and suggestions, I've put up
another version of fontinst-1.8, which hopefully should be fit for the
real release on CTAN.  As usual, you can find it at

Notable changes:

* various typos corrected

* minor fixes in fontinst.ini (needed when running initex on fontinst.sty
  to make a fontinst.fmt, which is subsequently loaded into virtex)

* ofontinst/xfontinst.sty replaced by fontinst.sty/xfntinst.sty,
  avoid trickery with symbolic links, which doesn't work on all platforms

* examples/mathptm was split into two subdirectories:

  - mathptm (based on Times, Symbol and ZapfChancery) should be backwards
    compatible to the original version including all the (mis)features

  - mathptmx (based on Times, Symbol and RSFS) includes a number of changes
    (hopefully improvements), but it is _not_ metrics-compatible to the
    originaly mathtptm, so it should be used with care.

  Both packages use different font names, but some of the family names and
  fd file names are the same, so it's not recommended to install both.

  - mathptm (legacy names and metrics):

  zptmcmr       OT1ptmcm     ptmr + psyr + cmr
  zptmcmrm      OMLptmcm     ptmri + psyr + cmmi
  zpzccmry      OMSpzccm     cmsy + pzc + psy,ptmr
  zpsycmrv      OMXpsycm     cmex + psy

  - mathptmx (new names and metrics):

  zptmcm7t      OT1ptmcm     ptmr + psyr + cmr
  zptmcm7m      OMLptmcm     ptmri + psyro + cmmi
  zptmcm7y      OMSptmcm     cmsy + rsfs + psy,ptmr
  zptmcm7v      OMXptmcm     cmex + psy

That should be all.  Hope we can really put this version on CTAN now.

Cheers, Ulrik.