questions & comments

Ulrik Vieth
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 13:14:56 +0200

I wrote:

> It depends on whether Montoype Bembo includes a real small-caps font
> as a raw font.  If you have mbbrc8a, it is used to generate the
> virtual small-caps fonts mbbrc7t (normal), mbbrc9t (x) or mbbrc9o (j)
> and the default digits from the small-caps font (usually oldstyle) 
> are used in all cases.  

> If you don't have a raw small-caps font mbbrc8a, the virtual
> small-caps fonts are faked using mbbr8a and optionally mbbr8x (x,j).
> In the latter case, you _should_ get lining digits in 7t and 9t and
> oldstyle digits from mbbr8x in 9o.  I thought I had tested it.

Well, it turns out that I obviously haven't tested it good enough. 

If you have AFM files of real SC & OsF fonts on my system, the 
virtual small-caps expert + oldstyle fonts are install using

INFO> run \installfont <padrc9o><padrc8r,resetosf,latin><OT1j><OT1><padj><m><sc>

where restosf.mtx reshuffles the glyph names of the default digits.

In the other case, when real SC & OsF fonts are not installled, 
the virtual small-caps fonts should be installed using

INFO> run \installfont <padrc9o><padr8r,padr8x,latin><OT1cj><OT1><padj><m><sc>

but due to a bug in fontinst.sty they were actually installed using

INFO> run \installfont <padrc9o><padr8r,restosf,padr8x,latin><OT1cj><OT1><padj><m><sc>

which had the effect of incorrectly using the lining digits from
padr8r as oldstyle digits.

I'm preparing a fontinst-1.801 distribution shortly and will try to
sort out the directory structure (regarding documentation) as well.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S.  Sebastian: Don't worry if you have already started to
regenerate metrics for CTAN.  As long as you only did "-expert x"
the fonts should be unaffected, it only matters for "-expert j".

--- fontinst-1.8/source/fontinst.dtx    Tue Jun 30 01:17:52 1998
+++ fontinst/source/fontinst.dtx        Tue Jul  7 13:04:51 1998
@@ -326,9 +326,9 @@
 %    \begin{macrocode}
 %    \end{macrocode}
 % \end{macro}
@@ -4512,7 +4512,7 @@
-       \ifx\font_shape\caps_shape
+       \ifx\raw_shape\caps_shape
@@ -4532,7 +4532,7 @@
-       \ifx\font_shape\caps_shape
+       \ifx\raw_shape\caps_shape