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Pierre MacKay
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 13:43:08 -0700

 > > It depends on whether Montoype Bembo includes a real small-caps font
 > > as a raw font.  If you have mbbrc8a, it is used to generate the

Since I am not a user of fontinst (I had to develop my own approach
before fontinst was available) I cannot quite follow the general
argument surrounding this query.  But I can answer the implied
question about Monotype Bembo.  It has a proper Expert set for
all the four standard weight/variant styles ( Regular, Italic,
Bold, BoldItalic).  Monotype tends to be rather good about supplying
complete xxxxxExpert supplements to its basic faces.  Much better
than, for instance, Linotype.  I rather suspect that Monotype may be
the most consistent about this.  Their only likely rival would be 

BemboExpert has a full set of designed f-ligatures, old-style figures
(complete with pair-kerns), and small caps.  There are also several
alternate forms available in very sparse font packages. 

I am not shilling for Monotype, but they do do some things right.

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