novice seeks help with Bitstream font

Rebecca and Rowland
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:04:42 +0100

>> bitstream fonts have lots of kern pairs, which exhaust your poor
>> little tex. You should use some bigger tex, [...]
>htex386 from emTeX is not a poor little tex! It allows changing of the
>memory layout. The critical part here is the save size. This can be
>increased up to 16000 with htex386 (which, I believe, is more than in
>tetex 0.4); however, putting -ms2000 was always enough for my working
>with fontinst.

I also use save_size = 2000 which seems to be enough even for
pathologically kerned founts.

>P.S. However, to use all the goodies around fontinst, you will sooner or
>later move to some UNIX-based tex.

Erm, no, not necessarily.  fontinst is 100% platform independent, although
some of its tricks work best with a dvi driver like dvips, which doesn't
require Unix.  I can even use dvips and Ghostscript on my Mac.