bug in ae virtual fonts, or in fontinst, or in vptovf/vftovp?

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vvv.vsu.ru
27 Sep 1998 19:09:32 +0400

"BKPH" == Berthold K P Horn writes:

 >> % vftovp aer10.vf aer10.tfm aer10.vpl Bad VF file: Oversize
 >> dimension has been reset to zero.

 BKPH> I don't know whether this is the same issue, but many VF files
 BKPH> insert absurd rules with semi-infinite negative dimensions.  I
 BKPH> reported on this before, wondering whether this was some
 BKPH> special marker used for some obscure purpose.  Of course, it
 BKPH> doesn't print because the dimension is negative, but what is it
 BKPH> for, and where does it come from?

Note, that the original VPL file contained a zero-width rule (i.e. not
with "semi-infinite negative dimensions"):

(CHARACTER D 23 (COMMENT compwordmark)
   (CHARWD R 0.0)
   (CHARHT R 4.29993)
   (CHARDP R 0.0)
      (SETRULE R 4.29993 R 0.0)

So perhaps this shows a bug in vptovf? Or is vftovp incorrectly
"interpreting" a zero width? Anyway, it looks like a bug in
vptovf/vftovp, and not a bug in fontinst/ae fonts.

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.