bug in fontinst 1.801: duplicated kernings (was: ae fonts Q)

Alan Jeffrey ajeffrey@cs.depaul.edu
Mon, 28 Sep 98 11:03:30 CDT

>  LE> I can't remember why, and when I removed the % signs, the fonts
>  LE> still seem to be generated OK, so I would call the lack of
>  LE> kerning a bug.
> Hmm... i've just checked, and found that when those lines are
> uncommented, fontinst generated duplicated kernings, e.g.:

Well, you can call it a bug, if you add kerns between a pair of
already kerned characters, probably fontinst should ignore the 2nd
kern pair.  But that would add a run-time penalty to an already
painfully slow program.  Best bet would be to post-process the fonts
in perl.  This is already a good idea for some other fonts which
generate huge easily-compressed kern tables.