bug in fontinst 1.801: duplicated kernings (was: ae fonts Q)

Alan Jeffrey ajeffrey@cs.depaul.edu
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 14:56:04 -0500

Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> And while we are at this topic, some more bug. :-)
> This time it can be called something like "rounding problems?".

Hmm yes, this is another hard-to-fix problem.  Looking to see whether a
font has already been loaded is easy (just do a csname lookup on
<font>-<fontsize>) but doing an approximate match is much harder!

For most fonts it won't make that much difference, the only problem is
the extra mapfont line and perhaps some inefficiency since font 0 is the
default font.  

Are the ae fonts doing anything weird to generate that extra MAPFONT