Bug in fontinst?

Alan Jeffrey ajeffrey@cs.depaul.edu
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 15:10:46 -0500

Lars Hellström wrote:
> As for the problems with declaring encodings so that \pltomtx chooses the
> correct ETX file: Shouldn't the easiest solution be to include a
> "\pltomtxwithetx" command in fontinst that allows the user to explicitly
> specify which ETX file to use, for use in cases like cmcsc10 when the
> information in the PL file simply isn't enough?
> Lars Hellström

Hurm, probably the best bet, although it does mean the user has to do
this explicitly before doing an \installfonts...  Can't really see any

Mutter grumble Knuth's fonts don't contain enough info mutter grumble