Bug in fontinst?

Thierry Bouche Thierry.Bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 11:24:36 +0200 (MET DST)

 Until you can make a good PDF file with the EC fonts, people will continue
 to use CM.

Well, those who are happy with CM should be happy with AE. 

There are few free partial solutions for an acceptable subset of T1
with matching maths in PST1:

- AE (virtual EC based on CM) + CM maths
- times (pslatex) + mathptm
- charter or palatino (URW palladio) + euler

As far as i know, full T1 is only represented by the bakoma DC (more
or less free & buggy) and the y&y EM (commercial). I suppose that a
significant part of the TC fonts may be reproduced from EM fonts too. 

But i suppose that most american users don't even consider ever
switching to T1.

Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.