kerning in slanted/unslanted founts

Vladimir Volovich
06 Nov 1998 00:06:58 +0300

"AJ" == Alan Jeffrey writes:

 AJ> I'm not sure why the kern values should change when you slant a
 AJ> font, since horizontal displacement is invariant under slant
 AJ> transforms.

Well, i'm also not sure why kern values should change. :-) But i just
compared kerns used in and, and they appeared
rather different: in cmu10, kerns (positive) are more then twice
smaller. Negative kerns are comparable, but are a bit bigger (in
absolute value) in cmu10.

Am i right that glyphs in cmu10 are very well approximated by
unslanting cmti10 by -0.250?

I just was trying to produce a faked unslanted italic cyrillic virtual
font from cmu10+(wncyi10 slanted by -0.250), and noticed that kerns in
cyrillic part remained the same as in italic font (wncyi10), but in
latin part (cmu10) kerns are not the same as in italic font (cmti10).

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.