Misplaced code

Hilmar Schlegel Hilmar Schlegel" <schlegel@vossnet.de
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 19:48:39 -0500

Thierry Bouche wrote:
>  >> Another class of candidates for right boundary character is the ligatures.
>  >> As fi, fl, ff, ffi, and ffl are only formed by ligatures (AFAIK), they do
>  >> never occur as the next character at any ligkern step, hence it would be
>  >
>  >This depends, certainly not in the general case.
>  >
>  I which case isn't it? Certainly you can typeset them through a \char
>  command, but doing that inside a word is at least as silly as putting a
>  questiondown there.
> i know at least one such example: you copy and paste from another
> application (Acroread, e.g.) and use a TeX font with the system coding
> for ligatures. That would be rather bad to have suddenly boundary
> kerns/ligs appearing in that case!

I even did no mean the pathologic case. The f-ligs appear midst a word
and by conception could act as right side for a kern pair. This is
presently not covered by Tex but no good idea to be ignored. (at least
an AFM could place kerns there which confuse the right boundaries then,
not all font used by Tex are designed for Tex)

Hilmar Schlegel