fontinst 1.801 docs bug report

Axel Kielhorn
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 14:31:58 +0100

Hi everyone,

last week I got the latest version of fontinst and started converting my
fontinst 1.335 files to 1.801 in order to access the TS1 glyphs.

While reading the doc I discovered some things that may be wrong if I
understood the docs correctly:

On page 7:
2nd paragraph of 1.4
The paragraph talks about tfm files while the listing above showed afm
files, which is correct.

On page 10:
1st listing in 2 shows 8r-fontnames which should be 8a.

When processing the Univers-Family (22 afm-files) I got the following error:
! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pool_size=90000].

Is there a way to determine the amound of memory needed beforehand?
It is annoying to get this message after 1.5 hours.
(After extending pool_size to 120000 and another hour I finally got it

BTW, I agree with you that reading fontname.dvi is a must. It saved a lot
of time figuring out how to name the Univers variants.

And it was nice to read how to process the files on a Mac, I guess i have
to thank Rowland for that.


Axel Kielhorn
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