[Fontinst] Bug in fontinstversion{1.927}

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sat Jan 1 17:59:42 CET 2005

Am 01.01.2005 um 16:35 schrieb Lars Hellström:

>> In t1.etx they're documented as being in the slots 141 and 173
> Yes.

Doesn't this mean too that T1 encoding or font8t has eng/Eng? I thought 
this is true, so I was a bit puzzled that that the glyphs were not put 
into the Property List files.

This is a different problem the Lira/fii08941 (and bahtthai, the other 
glyph) problem. I solved this in creating new ETX files with these 

< \setslot{lira}
 > \setslot{afii08941}
< \setslot{baht}
 > \setslot{bahtthai}

I made them two because *I* now know which font has lira and which not 
and don't know enough about TeX to make it a one of n select statement. 
And I actually don't know whether it works besides *not* telling me 
about the missing lira in TS1, because there are some more open issues 
before I can try a 'pdflatex nssfont'. For example to see no missing 
Greek glyphs I had to write statements à la

\transformfont{slsrt7r}    {\reencodefont{ot1} {\fromafm{slsrt8a}}}

and later

   \installfont  {slsrt7t}   {slsrt7r,slsrt8r,newlatin}            
{ot1tt} {OT1}{slst}{m}{n}{}
   \installfont  {slsrct7t}  {slsrt7r,slsrt8r,newlatin}            

Fontinst 1.x might be OK for that limited PostScript fonts, but for 
inclusion of TrueType in (La)TeX Fontinst seems to me a bit limited.

ttf2p1 V3.4.4 creates with t1asm's help PFB files that contain all 
glyphs of the original TrueType font and an AFM file describing them 
all. And I have finally to understand that T1 and 8r are two different 
things as an upright bike and a recumbent! Unless I create my own T1 
encoding for PostScript I won't see the glyphs as described in T1.etx 
(or TS1.etx). Is it this what you are trying to tell me?

And I finally found how to subscribe to the fontinst list!



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