[Fontinst] Re: Bug in fontinstversion{1.927}

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Jan 28 16:50:09 CET 2005

Am 28.01.2005 um 14:57 schrieb Ralf Stubner:

> The Lucida Sans Oblique that came with Java (Sun's jvm 1.4.2) has an
> error there:
> ff  (U+FB00) is actually an fi
> fi  (U+FB01) is actually an fl
> fl  (U+FB02) is actually an ffi
> ffi (U+FB03) is actually an ffl
> ffl (U+FB04) is empty
> Looks as if your Lucida Sans Oblique has a similar error. :-(

Actually here on Mac OS X with Java VM 1.4.2 I have these Lucida Sans 
fonts installed:

Lucida Sans Demibold            30 October 2001; 1.21 (JAVA)
Lucida Sans Demibold Oblique    September 18, 1998; 1.00 (JAVA)
Lucida Sans Oblique             September 20, 1998; 1.00 (JAVA)
Lucida Sans Regular             Version 1.20 - October 2000

which give this look (and Mac OS X's Character Palette accompagnies 

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It seems that ff in Lucida Sans Oblique fell off the desktop or was 
blown away and the remainders slid down ...

If I can't find a correct version in an earlier version that'll be a 
nice training programme to fix this with fontinst for TeX. To fix it on 
disk probably is forbidden ...

Thanks for this!

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