[Fontinst] I need a second help in installing Humanist777

Walter Schmidt w.a.schmidt at gmx.net
Tue Feb 8 16:16:34 CET 2005

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005 12:37:11 -0500 (CST), rpa at fisica.uh.cu wrote:

>Two-three days ago I asked for your help concerning the installation of the
>Humanist777 (frutiger) fonts. I received a quick and kind answer from you
>all addressing me to CTAN-files. I did downloaded the bfr and pfr files

You told us that you have got the Bitstream fonts (bfr),
so why did you download (and install?) the pfr stuff, too?

>and installed them. 

Did you exactly follow the instructions in bfr.tex? 
Did the the instructions actually suit your particular TeX system?

>Unfortunately the result is not the expected one. 
>I attach my test file and the corresponding dvi. 

There is nothing wrong with the DVI.  
I can convert it successfully to dvips:

  dvips InstFuentesFrut

>I attach also a file named Katalog_H.pdf with the desired font.


>In addition the pdflatex command does not found the fonts and substitutes
>them by Helvetic.

Did you get any error messages from pdfTeX?  
Why didn't you attach the log file from pdfTeX to your message?
Why do you think that log files are produced at all?
Did you expect that we are clairvoyant?

Instead, you have sent us a 300kB file, which has absolutely 
nothing to do with the present problem!  Besides, distributing 
large files over a mail list is not the most brilliant idea, 

InstFuentesFrut.pdf reveals that you are using pdfTeX 0.14f,
which is grossly obsolete.  While this does -- most likely -- 
not constitute the immediate reason of the problem, I suppose 
that you are using a very obsolete TeX system in general.  
Thus, the installation instructions in bfr.txt may not be fully
applicable to it.  However, as long as we do not even know 
what exactly you are using (teTeX?  fpTeX?  MikTeX?  version?), 
it is not possible to help you.


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