[Fontinst] Mapmaking \reglyphfont command

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Thu Mar 17 16:11:56 CET 2005

At 18.55 +0100 2005-03-16, Juan M Alberdi wrote:
>Lars Hellstr–m wrote,
>" ... If you change the glyph names (inside fontinst) and then reencode,
>then you are in trouble because you only changed the names inside fontinst
>... There's no way around that ... since no matter what you do with
>fontinst, the Postscript interpreter will need an encoding vector that
>uses the actual glyph names in the font."
>Worrying news. Thank you for being so clear.

Since this need seems to get increasingly common, it might be useful to
somehow lend a hand in creating these encodings with "nonstandard" names.

One possibility could be to create a \reglyphetx (or whatever) command that
does an ETX->ETX conversion analogous to the MTX->MTX conversion carried
out by \reglyphfont. (The "to" and "from" arguments of \renameglyph would
have to change interpretations, since the renaming probably goes the other
way.) If you have a knowledge of TeX programming then you may well be able
to modify the code for \reglyphfont or \mtxtomtx to this end yourself.
Otherwise I'll probably give it a try, but I can't promise it will be
anytime soon.

Lars Hellström

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