[Fontinst] a question about installing "Webdings.ttf"

Peter Scott drip at ucsc.edu
Thu Apr 14 23:12:27 CEST 2005

Dear Lars:

Both you and Philipp were very helpful with your good
guidance.  It is wonderful to be able to receive such
high quality support so quickly from the world experts.
I almost feel as if I'd made a rapid visit to both
Sweden and Germany (which I would love to do of course).

>> Dear readers:
>> I have been working on translating a truetype
>> dingbat font (e.g. Webdings.ttf --- a microsoft font
>> available for free from the webpagepublicity site)
>> for use as a font in TeX.  (I am a plain TeX person,
>> eschewing LaTeX.) ...

>> ...

>> Is there a better way to transform this font for use
>> in TeX?

> I would do that as

>   \input fontinst.sty
>   \afmtomtx{fwdr8a}{fwdr8a}
>   \mtxtopl{fwdr8a}{fwdr8a}
>   \bye
> Run "tex file" and then "pltotf fwdr8a.pl", but as remarked above, this
> only does the same thing as the afmtotfm (perhaps even slightly less).
> A more roundabout variant (generating an FD file) would be
>   \input fontinst.sty
>   \needsfontinstversion{1.928}
>   \recordtransforms{fwd-rec.tex}
>   \installfonts
>      \installfamily{U}{fwd}{}
>      \installrawfont{fwdr8a}{fwdr8a}{mtxasetx fwdr8a}{U}{fwd}{m}{n}{}
>   \endinstallfonts
>   \endrecordtransforms
>   \bye
> but I doubt you'd feel that is an advantage.

Your first solution "I would do that as..." worked
like a charm.  The second didn't, but when I changed
(what looked like a typo):

\installrawfont{fwdr8a}{fwdr8a}{mtxasetx fwdr8a}{U}{fwd}{m}{n}{}

to (following Lehman's fontinstallationguide, line 13 on p 48)

\installrawfont{fwdr8a}{fwdr8a}{txtfdmns,fwdr8a mtxasetx}{U}{fwd}{m}{n}{}

it also worked perfectly.  You provided a big jump in my
font learning curve!


    -- Peter Scott

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