[Fontinst] Lehman tutorial: fontinst/textcomp.mtx error

Sean Garrett-Roe garetroe at xenon.cchem.berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 26 02:33:42 CEST 2005

Dear Kind Fontinst Experts,

I am attempting to install Hoefler Text as a pdfTeX font and have run into 
difficulties. Eventually I want a full set of expert features (optical 
small caps, old-style figures, swash caps with alternates, Hoefler Text 
even includes and engraved alphabet), but I'm hung up even on a basic 
installation. Here is (an abbreviated listing of) what I have tried. I am 
not sure where I've made a mistake. Any suggestions would be greatly 

o Used FontForge (formerly pfaedit) (http://fontforge.sourceforge.net) to 
convert Hoefler Text.dfont to Tex Base Encoding (8r) Postscript Type 
1 binary file (.pfb and .afm files).

o Copied these to their Karl Berry scheme names. For example, 
HoeflerText-Regular.{pfb,afm} became ehtr8a.{pfb,afm}

o Following Phillip Lehman's Font Intallation Tutorial -- with its lovely 
typography -- I wrote eth-drv.tex in analogy to his Sabon psb-drv.tex
\input fontinst.sty

o I run the driver through tex:
> tex eht-drv.tex
which fails with the following error message in textcomp.mtx:

This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (Web2C 7.3.7)
No file fontinst.rc.
INFO> parse family <eht><>
INFO> to make LaTeX font shape <eht,m,n,> seek ehtr8r.mtx
INFO> run \installfont 
missing glyph `oe'.
Warning: missing glyph `oslash'.
Warning: missing glyph `germandbls'.
Virtual font written on ehtr8t.vpl.
INFO> run \installfont <ehtr8c><ehtr8r,textcomp><TS1><TS1><eht><m><n>
! Missing number, treated as zero.
<to be read again>
\sub #1#2->#1\bgroup \a_count =\result \eval_expr
                                                   {#2}\advance \a_count 

\scale #1#2->#1
                \bgroup \a_count =\result \eval_expr {#2}\global \multiply 

\eval_expr #1->\global \result =#1
\x_resetint #1#2->\eval_expr {#2}
                                  \setsomething_global \ifnum \result 

\setint ...ifx {i-#1}\x_relax \x_resetint {#1}{#2}
l.100 ...ght{parenleft}}{\depth{parenleft}}}{500}}

? x
No pages of output.

o The version of textcomp.mtx is
%%% ====================================================================
%%%  @TeX-font-metrics-file{
%%%     author          = "Sebastian Rahtz and Ulrik Vieth",
%%%     version         = "1.801",
%%%     date            = "29 June 1998",
%%%     time            = "23:59:47 CEST",
%%%     filename        = "textcomp.mtx",

o What might be causing this error? I don't know if the problem is the way 
that I converted the Hoefler Text.dfont (Apple datafork TrueType) to 
.pfb, or if it is how I am using fontinst? Or is it my fontinst 
installation itself?

o Does a Kindly Expert know of an easier way(s) of doing this? For 
example, FontForge can output .tfm and .enc files; I do not know how to 
create the map file (eht.map), however, without going through the steps of 
Lehman's tutorial, nor do I understand if I am in trouble without a .vf 
file... Another possibility is ttf2tfm, but it is an MS-DOS binary and I'm 
using Mac OS X. I've tried converting Hoefler Text.dfont to .otf format 
(again with FontForge) and using the utility otftotfm, but this also 
failed because it didn't find the 'features' for oldstyle figures, 
kerning, ligatures, inferior/superior figures. These features are 
precisely what I am trying to obtain.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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