[Fontinst] table figures?

Ingo Reich ireich at mac.com
Tue May 24 12:14:28 CEST 2005

Thanks to everybody for all the suggestions. 

I tried Philipp's macro and it works perfect for me. In fact I -- momentarily -- live in the best of all (latex) worlds: If I know that I only need table figures for some simple documents, I use Philipp's macro; if I need them regularly, I build a font family -- say fam(j)txxx , where t is short for 'table figures' -- along the lines suggested by Lars, and redfine \textmono to select the relevant font family.

Just a suggestion: 
maybe the use of table figures could make its way -- bei Gelegenheit! -- into the fontinstallationguide. I think this could be quite useful -- people who, from time to time, use Mellel or Apple's Pages with OpenType fonts know that it is quite handy to be able to easily switch from proportional (oldstyle) figures to non-proportional ones. What I'm thinking of is (i) a short illustration of how to build a font family with table figures using fontinst, and (ii) how to define a command like \textmono in nfssext.sty to select this family -- as far as I can tell, the fontinstallationguide did already set the standard for commands like \textln and \textos. What would be even more helpful, was a definition of \textmono in nfssext.sty which first tries to load a font family with table figures -- say fam(j)txxx; I know there is a potential problem with famtxxx vs. famjtxxx --, and if this isn't possible it defines \textmono along the lines proposed in Philipp's mail.

Thanks again. Best, Ingo

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