[Fontinst] T1/fcd/m/sc has wrong glyph for \v{z}, ! in \~{[C-LR-Zc-LR-Z]}

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Jun 16 12:01:58 CEST 2005


Here is very, very interesting case:

I am converting the Unicode encoded TrueType font Cardo 
(http://scholarsfonts.net/cardofnt.html) into PostScript to install it 
in TeX via fontinst as fcd. Cardo has real SmallCaps! And SmallCaps 
accents too!! To save the wealth of this font for TeX I introduced the 
new font encoding, 8p, which can be derived from Pete or from 
provisional or from private, that takes all those glyphs that TS1 and 
expert encodings have (except for mathematics yet). Using fontsmpl.tex 
I create a PDF file to check my work. For T1/fcd/m/sc some accents for 
the diacritics are too bold, but the real mistakes are:

	• \v{z} becomes ``&´´
	• \~ on each of these [C-LR-Zc-LR-Z] leads to an ! printed on the 
character, only \~[ANOano] are correct

What's going wrong here? The recent fontinst TeX input file is quite 
simple, i.e. no provisions to create an expert font yet:

\input fontinst.sty
%%% Cardo Regular %%%
%\setint{smallcapsscale}{670}	%N X.sc ; B 11 0 553 461 ⁒ N X ; B 2 0 
784 688 ;
% We're starting with some real things!
%%%% This is the usual set:
%  \transformfont{fcdr8r} {\reencodefont{8r} {\fromafm{fcdr8a}}}
%% Here are the extras from TrueType:
%  \afmtomtx{fcdr8p}{fcdr8p}
%  \mtxtopl{fcdr8p}{fcdr8p}
%% Here are the the slanted alternates:
   \transformfont{fcdro8r}{\slantfont{\int{slant}} {\fromafm{fcdr8r}}}
   \transformfont{fcdro8p}{\slantfont{\int{slant}} {\fromafm{fcdr8p}}}
   \installfont  {fcdr7t}   {fcdr8r,fcdr8p,newlatin}            {ot1} 
   \installfont  {fcdrc7t}  {fcdr8r,fcdr8p,newlatin}            
   \installfont  {fcdro7t}{fcdro8r,fcdro8p,newlatin option 
  \installfamily{T1} {fcd}{}
   \installfont  {fcdr8t}   {fcdr8r,fcdr8p,newlatin}             {t1}  
   \installfont  {fcdrc8t}  {fcdr8r,fcdr8p,newlatin}             {t1c} 
   \installfont  {fcdro8t}{fcdro8r,fcdro8p,newlatin option nosc} {t1}  
   \installfont  {fcdr8c}   {fcdr8r,fcdr8p,textcomp}            {ts1} 
   \installfont  {fcdro8c}{fcdro8r,fcdro8p,textcomp}            




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